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Surfaces Lighting for better living.

In order to improve people's quality of life via light, Surfaces Lighting Division was established with the goal of bringing the market's most cutting-edge lighting solutions and technologies. We are aware that supplying the appropriate lighting for each application is crucial to the success of any project or enterprise. Our belief in the significance of lighting in enhancing the beauty of architectural, ornamental, and furnishing features will guarantee a higher standard of living and promote people's well-being, while also being conscious of the environmental difficulties our world faces today. We place the greatest satisfaction of our clients in the highest regards, all while aiming to constantly remain the innovative business partner that we are today.

Surfaces Lighting Division is a lighting supplier looking to the future Our business is a part of the Surfaces Furnishing Group, which was founded in 1993 and has since grown effectively and rapidly. One of the biggest suppliers of lighting in the UAE is Surfaces Lighting Division. So, our business is shedding light on the road to success. We have executed numerous supply and installation projects for residential and commercial projects, building facades, landscapes, fiber optic, LED light, and more throughout the course of our many years of experience in the UAE. Surfaces Lighting Division consistently provides the broadest selection of illumination equipment as a dependable lighting supplier, exhibiting great professionalism, a new level of service, and customer care.